SEO audit and strategy creation

Get an overview of your website’s current level of SEO together with a strategy for perfecting SEO on your site!

When is it necessary to order an SEO audit and a long-term SEO strategy?

  • If the website is not easy to find using the main search terms.
  • If the website receives very little organic traffic.
  • If most visitors leave the site without clicking through to other pages (high bounce rate).
  • If the website does not generate enough leads, including sales, bookings, and price enquiries.

What kind of information will I get from an SEO audit?

Our SEO audits provide a detailed and comprehensive overview of a website’s current level of search engine optimisation. In this audit, we will list all of the main internal and external SEO elements for the site, assess their status, and provide specific instructions for implementing changes and improvements. Our audits cover the following aspects of SEO:

  • accessibility of the website to visitors and web crawlers;
  • security of the website;
  • SEO-related web analytics tools and their configuration;
  • mobile-friendliness of the website;
  • optimisation of SEO elements for strategic keywords;
  • optimisation of image files for strategic keywords;
  • implementation of structured data (, etc.);
  • status of internal links;
  • status of external links.

Based on the specific needs of the website, we will prepare a long-term SEO strategy and action plan based on the bottlenecks identified in the SEO audit and the assessments made in the audit regarding the level of priority of improving each SEO element.

By partnering with us:

  • you will have access to the latest techniques and practices;
  • you can rest easy, knowing that the work will be performed by certified and experienced experts;
  • project management will be handled smoothly by us;
  • you will get to work with friendly and forward-looking experts.

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