Google Ads (AdWords) search ads

We can get your products and services to appear in high positions in online search results and draw highest-potential customers to your website.

What are Google Ads (AdWords) search ads?

The Google Ads Search Network advertising platform displays text ads above and below Google search results based on the searched-for keywords, enabling you to target your customer base with high precision on web search engines.

Google Ads campaigns:

  • increase your visibility on the Google search engine;
  • boost your sales;
  • allow you to reach the right people at the right time;
  • stay strictly on budget.

Who sees my ads on Google?

With an effective advertising campaign, your ads are seen by everyone who searches for your brand and your company’s main keywords on the search engine. Target groups can also be adjusted based on the language and location of the internet users and ads can be run during the desired times of user activity (more attractive hours, days, etc.).

How is pricing determined?

Precise targeting makes search ad campaigns a highly cost-effective method: you only pay for your ads when someone clicks on them and lands on your website (this is known as pay-per-click, or PPC). The results can be measured in real time and the latest collected statistics can be used for revenue-based optimisation. Statistical reports prepared by us allow you to easily monitor the effectiveness and profitability of your ads.

What does Convertal’s Google Ads advertising service include?

Convertal creates and manages Google Ads advertising campaigns, where we primarily focus on boosting your sales through increased purchases and price enquiries. In addition to search ads, we also run banner ad campaigns on the Google Ads platform. As a Google Premier Partner, our service includes:

  • the creation of search engine ad campaigns;
  • continuous campaign management and weekly optimisation;
  • statistical performance analysis;
  • regular customer communications and feedback;
  • comprehensive monthly reporting;
  • periodic recommendations and campaign improvements.