Banner advertising via Google Ads

We can increase awareness of your brand, guide highest-potential customers directly to your website, and help boost your sales!

What are Google Ads banner ads?

With Google Ads, banner campaign ads are displayed on Google Display Network (GDN) websites, which include Google’s own websites (such as YouTube and Gmail) as well as two million websites and mobile applications that have joined the network. GDN provides access to 90% of all internet users!

With Google Ads, it is possible create a wide variety of test, image, and video ads in various formats and sizes. Ads can be targeted on the basis of the content of the website or a customer profile.

Banner ad campaigns run via Google Ads:

  • increase the visibility of your brand on major websites;
  • boost your sales;
  • enable statistics-based campaign management;
  • stay strictly on budget.

How is pricing determined?

Google Ads offers an extensive marketing channel for running banner ad campaigns. Yet, thanks to precise targeting, it remains a cost-effective method, as you only pay for your ads when someone clicks on them (known as pay-per-click or PPC). Relevant and attractive advertising content ensures high-quality traffic, while results can be measured accurately.

Regular professional optimisation makes it possible to target potential customers with high precision in a cost-effective manner. Statistical reports prepared by us allow you to easily monitor the effectiveness and profitability of your ads within the set budget.

What does Convertal’s Google Ads banner advertising service include?

We create and manage effective banner ad campaigns, wherein we focus on raising awareness of your brand and boosting your sales. We are a Google Premier Partner and a Bing Ads Accredited Professional. The service includes:

  • creation of banner ad campaigns;
  • regular campaign management and optimisation;
  • statistical performance analysis;
  • regular customer communications and feedback;
  • comprehensive monthly reporting;

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